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Express service staff recruitment


From ideas to production

  • Promotional Tours
  • Product Launch and Demos
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Staffing
  • Sales & Merchandising
  • Data Acquisition
  • Entertainment, M.C.

Promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns from Vancouver to Montreal

Strategic planning and execution of Canadian and American promotional campaigns

All the resources needed to create remarkable promotional campaigns:

  • Talented teams that include promotional agents and sales agents
  • Imaginative tactical marketing ideas for your tours and launches
  • Strategies for promotion and brand experience that make a difference
  • The technology for data acquisition, credit card sales and door-to-door sales
  • Promotional installations (booths and tents, decor, bar, showrooms, conferences)
  • Contest ideas using a variety of processes such as:
    • - Contests with scratching cards including winning probabilities
    • - Facebook contests
    • - Point of sale contests
    • - Web contests
    • - Gaming contests with programming using SMS, iPad/iPod, Android platforms, etc.

All the resources needed to create powerful promotional advertising

Clearly communicating the mechanics of promotion and finding the right tone to get the best results is a real art.

  • Simple, convincing messages that speak to your target audience
  • Pertinent promotional material (leave behind, structures, mobile material).

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