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Loyalty & Rewards programs

Loyalty & Rewards programs

Loyalty & Rewards marketing: knowing your clientele, whether it’s from Montreal, Québec, Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver

It’s much less expensive to keep a client than to acquire a new one. Your current clients deserve a loyalty program.

A proactive, determined, friendly and above all, instructive and incentive approach ensures that people are receptive to belonging to an attractive loyalty program that fits their consumption profile.

Our mandates have led us to a better understanding of the behaviour of members and non-members of loyalty programs, to incite them to become members by making them value the significant advantages vis-à-vis the competition.

SmartGiv is the new leader in loyalty gift cards in Canada. SmartGiv offers chip-integrated gift cards that allow merchants and users to carry out a transaction five times faster than with a magnetized card that are also associated with a rewards program. To find out more, visit