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Express service staff recruitment


From ideas to production

  • Promotional Tours
  • Product Launch and Demos
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Staffing
  • Sales & Merchandising
  • Data Acquisition
  • Entertainment, M.C.

Event production, management and organization

Event production, management and organization

From concept to execution of corporate and promotional events across Canada and the United States

“You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” Albert Camus

GOAL: To organize the perfect event

MEANS: by personifying the 4 « ives » of event experience:

  • Attentive
  • Creative
  • Reactive
  • Positive

PHILOSOPHY: Keeping your cool, efficiently taking care of any unforeseen situations, keeping that smile, staying ahead of clients and going beyond their expectations.

Solutions for production and organization of turnkey corporate events:

  • Sales and business meetings
  • Corporate soirées
  • Conferences
  • Holiday Season events and employee activities
  • Galas and banquets
  • Golf tournaments
  • Product launches, unveilings
  • Themed evenings and entertainment
  • Press conferences

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