The leading agency in promotion and staffing

Promo-Staff has a wide range of experience in organizing promotional events of all kinds across Canada

Give us 3 days, we’re good. Give us 2 weeks, we’re excellent. Give us 1 month, we’re unbeatable!

Promo-Staff is unbeatable in…

  • Creation of strategies for promotional marketing, sports marketing, proximity marketing or experiential marketing
  • Creation and management of event staffing teams
  • Production of promotional materials

Promo-Staff is famous for …

  • Recruitment, hiring and training of event staff; all done internally to offer a better quality of service;
  • Working hand-in-hand with communication and marketing agencies to create promotional campaigns in line with brand positioning.

Promo-Staff across Canada and the United States

  • All projects are managed from the Montreal or Toronto office even when they take place in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, New York or Los Angeles
  • For 10 years, we’ve been handling an average of 15 events a week
  • We have a portfolio of 800 successful, effectively managed activities annually.

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