Project : Sponsorship - AIR CANADA present the International circus
Event : To activate the 2012 Just for Laugh International show serie's sponsorship, our promotional agents and an amazing comedians team presented various art scenes during 9 days. The whole event was greeded in a festive atmosphere!

Youville communauté créative

Project : Event Sponsorship - Stunt TELUS
Event : To promote the upcoming 2012 Blues Festival through social medias, a team of professionnal musicians played different blues songs in the streets of Montreal with the Ipad technology!

MediaSports Marketing

Project : Sponsorship activation with Jose Cuervo F1
Event : For the Jose Cuervo's activation, our brand ambassadors were in place to greed clients coming from different part of the world, escorte them, inform them of all the activities available and ensure all of the clients leave with a great and memorable experience.


Project : In-Store Food & Wine demonstrations
Event : A good summer barbecue? A lunch box menu for back to school or sweet stuff for Halloween? Surely good wine at least!

GMR Marketing - Monster

Project : Best Buy-Monster Listening Lounge tour
Event : Our Brand ambassadors travelled through different major events in Quebec to promote the new Monster headphones powered by Best Buy (Montreal Pride, Beach Club, International Movie Festival).

Winterlude - Cossette - Four O'clock

Project : Tea Sampling
Event : Sampling and distribution of two different flavours of tea


Project : Jean Coutu Quebec Tour
Event : In-store beauty products sales & demos


Project : Toronto Auto Show with Yokohama
Event : Experiential and informational integration on new product launch

Montreal Impact

Project : New Montreal Impact MLS Logo Unveiling
Event : Downtown Montreal Flashmatch

Octane Racing Group (F1 & NASCAR)

Project : Official Programs Sales and Customer Service
Event : Montreal & Edmonton


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